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Ensuring Your Will is Valid: A Guide by Forever Estate Plan 

Ever thought about how to make your will bulletproof and legally solid? Creating a valid will is a crucial step in securing your legacy and providing for your loved ones. By following the right steps and understanding the legal requirements, you can make certain that your final wishes are honored exactly as you intend. At […]

Estate Planning for Newlyweds

You’ve just got married and the world is your oyster, full of promise and exciting new beginnings. But have you ever considered what would happen to your loved ones and the wealth you’ve built together if something unexpected were to occur? Rather than leave things to chance, securing your legacy with estate planning can offer […]

Why Empty Nesters Need a New Estate Plan

As life transitions through various stages, so too should your estate plan. When children grow up and move out, it marks a new phase in life that often comes with changes in financial, legal, and personal priorities. An experienced estate planning lawyer can update wills and beneficiary designations to reflect new priorities, such as supporting […]

Things to Consider When Selecting a Power of Attorney

Selecting a power of attorney is a critical decision that can have significant implications for your financial and personal affairs. A power of attorney is a legal document that grants someone the authority to act on your behalf in various matters, such as to manage finances, make healthcare decisions, or handle legal affairs. A Power […]

Estate Planning Challenges Faced by Unmarried Couples

Estate planning is a critical aspect of financial and personal security. It ensures that an individual’s wishes are honored and their loved ones are protected. Taking this into account, for unmarried couples, estate planning presents unique challenges that can complicate the process. Unmarried partners do not enjoy certain legal protections and benefits by default that […]

Revocable Trusts vs. Irrevocable Trusts

What is a Revocable Trust? A Revocable Trust, also known as a revocable living trust, is a flexible estate planning tool that allows you to maintain complete control over your assets while you’re alive and facilitates an easy transfer of those assets after your death. The “revocable” nature of the trust means that you can […]

Is it time to update your will?

When Should I update my Last Will and Testament? It’s a common misconception that once you’ve created your Last Will and Testament, you can just set it aside and forget about it. However, life’s not static and changes happen—events like getting married or divorced, buying a house, or having a child should trigger a review […]

Why Powers of Attorney are for Everyone?

Powers of attorney are versatile legal instruments that empower individuals to designate trusted agents to act on their behalf in various situations. It plays an important role in ensuring that your wishes are honored and your affairs are managed effectively, regardless of unforeseen circumstances. With an experienced estate planning lawyer on your side, you can […]

Reasons You May Need to Revise Your Estate Plan

Your estate plan is a vital document that ensures your wishes are carried out effectively. With that said, it’s not a set-it-and-forget-it affair. Life is dynamic, and as circumstances change, so too should your estate plan. By regularly reviewing and revising your estate plan, you can ensure that your plan remains effective, up-to-date, and aligned […]

Estate Planning Considerations for Gen-Xers

Generation X, born roughly between the mid-1960s and early 1980s, faces unique issues due to their life stage and financial situation. Estate planning is an important component of financial planning for Gen Xers. The right estate planning attorney can help you protect your assets, provide for loved ones, and leave a lasting legacy. Common Financial […]